We began our work in the fall of 2018 and currently exist as a Graphics and Animation division within the OOO "DAK". 

Our studio creates characters, stories and animated films based on them. 

Our team consists of 20 members – artists, animators and screenwriters who are passionate about their job, love animation and are currently creating their first series. 

In addition to animated films, we create brand videos for business, government and other agencies of all kinds. 
Animated video is an effective tool used by the advertising and promotion campaigns of various products, companies or even regions and countries. Videos posted on Youtube and other social networks receive millions of views. Animated videos increase loyalty and help better deliver your message to the audience.


June 1 – our first cartoon about Khabarovsk

June 28, 29, and 30 – the first Russia Big Cartoon Festival, held in Khabarovsk and supported by the city government


Currently, we are creating our own animated series

An article about how a former official created a “gang of animators”:


Персонажи Спина к спине
Персонаж Спина к спине
Персонаж Спина к спине
Персонаж Спина к спине
Персонаж Спина к спине
Персонаж Спина к спине

We are looking for bold, responsible and easy-going talents to join our team for a new project.

We urgently need: 

 1. Compositing Specialist  

Requirements: a strong command of Adobe After Effects, creativity, portfolio is required

2. Animator

Requirements: drawing skills, ability and desire to learn quickly, experience with Moho and Krita will be a strong advantage

3. Background Artist

Requirements: good knowledge of the graphics package of Adobe Photoshop; knowledge of hot keys, the ability to work with layers and blending modes, draw the environment (interiors, nature, urban landscapes); knowledge of composition, perspective and color theory

4. Stage director

Responsibilities: to be able to decide on and see the overall artistic style of the project; to ensure coordination between artists and screenwriters under a common project; to participate in editing

Important! We are looking for full-time employees who live in Khabarovsk or are ready to move from other cities. We provide official employment and an endless stream of interesting projects.